Everything You Need To Know About Patient Care Technician Certification

A patient care technician is a crucial part of a medical team, known to provide hands-on care to his patients; he covers an array of the needs of his patients daily. This article will talk about a patient care technician and certificación de técnico en atención al paciente. Continue reading to know more!

What is a Patient Care Technician expected to do? 

The responsibilities of a patient care technician daily tend to vary as per the needs of a patient. Certain common duties include wound care and saline locks, performing electrocardiography (ECG), drawing blood, taking vital signs, conducting catheterizations, and performing a dialysis treatment.

What will you learn while obtaining a patient care technician certification?

A person must be a certified nurse aide or nursing assistant (CAN) to get himself enrolled in any of the certificate programs for Patient Care Technician. Classes, hands-on training, and lab time taught by educated and experienced instructors help a student perform various procedures. Such procedures include:

  • Drawing blood
  • Inserting intravenous catheters
  • Providing wound care and removing sutures/staples
  • Performing electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Performing urinary catheterizations
  • Operating dialysis equipment
  • Readjusting treatment parameters as per the protocols and patient prescriptions
  • Discontinuing, initiating, and preparing dialysis treatment in central venous catheters and hemodialysis
  • Performing nasogastric tube removal
  • Performing emergency room skills such as cast and splint immobilizations, throat cultures, urinalysis, oxygen therapy, and crutch training

Outlook of the job in this field 

In comparison with any other occupational groups, healthcare opportunities are projected to produce an increased number of jobs. Such a projected growth is because of an aging population, resulting in a greater demand for services about healthcare. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of employment in healthcare and allied occupations is projected to grow at a higher pace than the national average for any other occupation, adding more or about 2 million new jobs from 2020-2030.

Career opportunities for you after being a Patient Care Technician 

The successful completion of a certificate program helps graduates prepare to apply their skills in several roles like:

  • Hospital caregiver
  • ECG monitor technician
  • Patient advocate
  • Emergency department technician
  • Dialysis technician
  • Home health aide


Gain the competency to work in various environments such as dialysis facilities, hospitals, home healthcare agencies, rehabilitation centers upon obtaining a patient care technician certification. What are you waiting for? Enroll today!