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Downloading of tiktok videos? All that you need to know

As you may have seen there is more number of tiktok lovers in these many social networks. It is not a crime to be active in social media but ensure twice on the videos you are going to post it. Some videos are not advisable according to some legal issues. Besides that, tiktok gained a huge demand especially among the youth today. They keep on doing with the current situations regarding, taking some memes of some comedy clips, some may even utilizing current situations and doing video accordingly etc. Whatever it is, using this platform in a right way not only increases followers count but also make you profitable too.

Ok. Let’s know about how to download tiktok videos on your desktop pc and mobile;

Downloading video on desktop:

Here you are concerned with using any kind of trusted tiktok video downloader’s apps. Coming to the point, after searching your favorite videos, just click on it and copy it with the option provided. There you will find the links if any, just copy it . Followed by, paste the link on the downloader and you will get the video directly to your desktop without any watermarks.

Make use of instant Google chrome extension:

Besides downloader apps, you can also download your favorite tiktok videos using Google chrome extension. It is evenly possible for all the users those who use Google chrome as their web browser. Here there is an instant which is an extension to Google chrome. This instant download your tiktok videos and also if you have instagram account, you can also get your instagram media through this extension with ease. In this context, make sure of one thing that checking whether the up loader is not ready to block any kind of video downloads. If it is ok, then you can go for using instant method for downloading videos. So just long press the downloaded video on further. It is eventually saved on your mobile gallery.

Downloading of tiktok videos? All that you need to know

You can download tiktok app in your mobile phone as well:

Simply download the tiktok app from the app stores like Google play. Your mobile is an android or any kind of ios device and whatever, you just download it. Then create an account and sign up into it and make videos which you wanted to do. If you also want to download some interested videos, you can also download them using some essential apps.


Of course downloading your favorite tiktok videos is easily possible with online trusted downloading apps. Some people may try to build up vast range of collections probably.