Brass toning purple conditioner – Know more dirty blonde hair now! 

Blonde is one of the classic hair colors and is the most popular one to date. But the thing with blonde hair is that the color fades with time leaving yellowish (brass-like) undertones. Factors like prolonged exposure to the sun, the chlorine content of the water, using hard water for hair wash can also contribute to the same hair color. However, there is a way to minimize the brassy look of blonde hair. The brass toning purple conditioner and shampoos are very helpful for this.

What is a brass toning purple conditioner? 

The purple shampoos and complementing conditioners are specially developed to minimize the brassiness of silver and blonde hair. These products are very helpful when it comes to maintaining a salon-fresh look to the colored hair. If one wants to color their hair blonde, silver, or grey, they should invest in such products. For naturally blonde hair, these products prevent the natural color from turning yellow.

How do these products work? 

As the name suggests, brass toning purple conditioner and shampoos contain violet pigments. These purple or violet pigments neutralize the brassy appearance to give a whiter tone to the colored hair. Since purple lies on the opposite side of yellow when looking at the color wheel, the purple pigment cancels the brassy yellow.

Difference between brass toning purple conditioner and shampoo 

Both these products contain the same violent pigments that reduce the color yellow. However, the conditioners contain certain moisturizers and emollients that hydrate dry and lifeless hair.

One can use the conditioner either after the complementing purple shampoo or after a regular shampoo. The conditioners help with dry hairs to make them manageable and appear healthy.

The top purple conditioners 

There are several products available in the market, but here is a list of the top 5 names.

  1. ORIBE Bright Blonde Conditioner for beautiful color
  2. ORIBE Silver Conditioner
  3. Theorie Purple Sage Brightening Conditioner
  4. Loma Hair Care Violet Conditioner
  5. Joico Colour Balance Purple Conditioner

Blonde is a popular hair color even when it leaves a dirty brass color as it fades. Luckily, there are products like purple shampoos and conditioners to help reduce the brassy look. One should use both the complementing products for the best results.